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Our team

This is us - knowledgeable, funny, unusual and keen BEE bite family . Get to know each of us better, by clicking on the images. We feel that we can definitely tell you something interesting and show you everyday life of our working bees, so " Bee Lord " Krists will show you the best photos of our big family on Instagram account. Digital bee Anete will tell you interesting facts about and around bees, bee bread on our Twitter account. See you there, we are going to have some fun together!

Taking care of bees in Saldus since year 1995. Simply beekeeper of the year 2015.

Aigars Spelmanis

"Bee lord" in second generation. Helps Aigars to cope with their millions of zealous workers.

Krists Spēlmanis

Has been present since the very beginning. Without Zintiņas valuable advice nothing would have happened.  She is now actively engaged in Bee Bite productions’ distribution in Latvian market.

Zinta Spēlmane
Working bee

As Zintiņa says "Anete will not stop until she gets what she wants" .. and Anete wants to  believe that Bee Bite will one day be used in almost every home.

Anete Spēlmane
Digital bee